Master distiller since 1679, located in the heart of Amsterdam!
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'Premium small-batch spirits and liqueurs in just the right amounts for your restaurant or (cocktail) bar'

The dedicated team of specialists focusses on advocacy for these excellent, authentic both bar ( & bartender) as well as retail driven spirits and liqueurs. Together with the bar management and bartending team cocktails, menus and activities are created making sure the consumer enjoys their drinks and have a wonderful experience.

Private Label

Our distillery has the capacity to create private label spirits and liqueurs ranging from corporate gifts and startups up to global spirits brands.
At Wynand Fockink, we offer you the opportunity to produce your own liquers or spirits brand. We will offer a one-stop-shop solution from concept and recipe development up to label design and bottling.
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Our Experience

With over 50 years of combined experience in distilling, aging and blending, we know what it takes to create a new product that will do well both local and international. During the process, we will share our expertise in most areas of business and produce your own liqueur, vodka, gin, rum or whiskey.

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