Master distiller since 1679, located in the heart of Amsterdam!
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'Quality should never be sacrified for the sake of convienience'

We at Wynand Fockink aspire to create a new kind of ready to serve premium cocktail experience. Delivering all the complexity and craftmanship you would find in your favorite bar, without the need for multiple ingredients or equipment. We bring the bar straight to your home with th premiumness you are used to, when consuming and enjoying our products.


Wynand Fockink Cocktails are based with natural flavors and blended with WF distilled spirits. We created the highest quality, own spirit based, bottled cockails. We only use all-natural ingredients and specialize in craft creations. We are extremely proud of the product, our brand, and how we work together to really bring everyone the best of the best.
We set ourselves apart by really changing what people expect from a bottled cocktail. We have developped three different cocktails; the Old Fashioned, the Jasmine Aviation and the Espresso Martini. So whether you’re a cocktail lover looking to keep your fridge stocked with super delicious ready-to-drink cocktails or you’re looking to impress your friends and family: remember, Fockink Cocktails is your answer. 

Quality ready made

Have you ever wanted to enjoy a bar-quality cocktail at home, whether it's a Old Fashioned, Aviation or an Espresso Martini, but don't want to have to bother getting all the necessary bottles together (or buying them all individually) and then deal with the fuss of measuring, mixing, muddling and whatnot (or else work out how to blackmail a bartender into coming to your house to make them)? Professionally crafted pre-bottled cocktails could be the solution you've always dreamt of! We Fixed it for you! Stupendously easy to enjoy, fail-safe instructions for the perfect serve can be found our website just follow the QR code on the bottle. Not only are they great for enjoying a top quality cocktail with little-to-no hassle, they're perfect for parties where you would rather be talking to your guests than mixing all of their drinks.