Master distiller since 1679, located in the heart of Amsterdam!
Wynand Fockink

Kraamanijs Blauw - Blue Anise Liqueur

anise - fennel - licorice 

Wynand Fockink Kraamanijs Blauw (Blue Anise) Liqueur is a delicious Dutch liqueur produced by Wynand Fockink, a renowned distillery with over 340 years of experience in creating high-quality spirits in the center of Amsterdam. All products are produced with natural ingredients and handcrafted in small batches.. This liqueur is our local produced translation of an Anisette and traditionally drunk at the birth of a son.

Blue Anise Liqueur is made using a secret recipe that combines high-quality ingredients with star anise as a main ingredient. The result is a sweet and smooth liqueur with a strong anise flavor that is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

This liqueur can be enjoyed on its own as a delicious pre- or after-dinner treat or next to your coffee.

In conclusion, Anise Liqueur is a must-try liqueur for anyone looking to experience the delicious flavors of Anise and its elegant packaging makes it the perfect gift for any liquor connoisseur.

0.7L - 24% Vol.